EA Access is coming to PlayStation 4 this Summer


Electronic Arts announced their plans to launch their console gaming subscription service EA Access on the PlayStation 4. The service has been available exclusively on the Xbox One for many years and is set to begin this July on Sony’s console.

EA Access originally started out as an exclusive gaming subscription for the Xbox One in summer 2014 and has quickly become a must-have for value-oriented users. The service is relatively cheap, costing a mere $4.99 per month or just $29.99 for an entire year. This makes the value proposition that much better, seeing that a subscription gives access to a large library of over 50 games. And the list is continuously growing. EA is also not cheaping out on the selection and includes even their heavy-hitters such as the newest Battlefield, Battlefront and Anthem alongside their large offering of sports titles and indie games.

When EA Access was first announced five years ago, many PlayStation users were hoping to see the service also arrive on their preferred gaming console but Sony executives quickly slammed down any hopes by stating that it doesn’t “represent a good value to the PlayStation gamer”. A kick in the stomach for PlayStation owners and a clear win for the Xbox One.

Now, things have taken a turn for the better. Electronic Arts just announced that EA Access is finally hitting PlayStation 4’s this July. Great news for every gamer who likes to spend their hard-earned money wisely for gaming. There’s no exact date for the service’s launch but eager users can sign up for the newsletter to get immediately notified about future updates here.

Sony’s u-turn regards EA Access marks the company’s second time they revert from their original stance in favor of offering their users a better experience. The cross-play controversy at Sony was famously solved last year after Sony finally allowed its users to play multi-platform online games with Xbox One and Nintendo Switch users.


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