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From the second half of 2017, a trend of “eating chicken” has emerged in the global gaming circle. So far, “eating chicken” games are still the favorite of players and anchors, and it can be said that this trend will remain the mainstream for some time in the future.And this trend, as we all know, was sparked by “survival of the jedi,” and it beat the originator of “chicken eating” H1Z1 to death on the beach, so that a wave behind the Yangtze river can push forward the wave before it.

While some players think the game might be like other popular games, sequel, very soon the two game producer Brendan Green, but said his about making a sequel to survive the jedi are not interested in, “I really don’t want to make the PUBG2, I have been doing too much fled kill games, now it is time to try other game type.”Brendan Green also said he was faced with a huge challenge because of how difficult it was to replicate the success of survival of the last jedi.

Although he no longer makes “eat chicken” games, he is hopeful about the future of the genre and would like to see it grow into e-sports, citing the success of Apex heroes as an example of the genre’s longevity.

Although he is no longer making a sequel to “” survival of the jedi,” “he will remain with the company behind” “survival of the jedi.” “he will head a new project at PUBG Special Projects that will explore the possibilities for more interaction within the game space.As for the new project he is responsible for, he said the purpose of this new project is not to make money, but to explore more possibilities of games.

As for the “chicken eating game”, many people should have the same feeling. Whenever the players make fun of the game that there is no new way to play and are tired of “chicken eating”, there will always be another hot style game of this type.From earlier “fort night”, “martial arts Yi”, now the Apex hero “, again and again to prove, “chicken” game there are a lot of space, can be found in eliminating the victory, to save a core mechanism, on the basis of the integration will be more elements, such as martial arts, such as the hero, the future may also be more tricks.But as Brendan Green, say, to survive the jedi’s success is hard to duplicate, after all, the surge in addition to the game itself, but also not the right place, right time and, today’s game market, especially the “chicken” category of the game is more and more, more and more fierce competition, the survival the jedi itself to consolidate their dominance is a difficult thing.Brendan Green’s exit might have been a good one.Just because Brendan Green doesn’t do it doesn’t mean he won’t do it in the future…

Finally, the curtain is a little curious as to how the game, which Brendan Green is in charge of, will be played.


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